My favourite little Canadian

I’ve honestly been avoiding drawing him for a long time, so I hope he came out okay also he’s pouting bc that’s just really cute okay

Do I even need a reason to draw this cutie?

I mean, what else do you think we do?

I really hope you don’t need an excuse to draw snake people because I don’t have a single one. 


I finished that WIP from earlier! This took me forever so many tiny lines in th jacket ugh but it came out really cute! 


I have no excuse nor reason for this



Snoop Dogg tried to rent a whole country - WTF fun facts


Who needs Punk!AUs when you can have SceneKid!AUs????

I see a lot of Punk!AUs with Prussia staring as you local highschool badass, but in all honesty I can really see him wearing a bunch of neon colored band merch from Hot Topic. I can’t really see him acting like a scene kid, but I can see him really liking the “awesome” bright colors.


Before and after meme by: bampire@DeviantArt

A good old redraw meme is always refreshing to do. It’s also kind of funny to see how more and more often I favour drawing with wider lines then sharp ones as I used to use.


PruCan college AU where Gilbert decides to take Mattie out for a romantic camping trip and he tries to light the fire only to have it explode. Apparently every time he’s ever gone camping it was Ludwig who took care of the fire (he was always on tent duty). The only time Gilbert has ever used with fire doing anything other then cooking on a gas stove was using a zippo when he smoked back in high school and when he would sanitize needles to give himself piercings. Also I think that he’d be a civil engineer, while Ludwig was a mechanical engineer. Matthew would definitely be an anthropology major. 

Honestly, my only reason for drawing this I wanted to draw Gil blowing something up. Also, PruCan fluff. I always need more PruCan fluff. (Also the very last line was Gilbert admitting that he never got a higher then a D in any of his chemistry classes. I can’t see him using chemistry other then to blow stuff up with Antonio and Francis)


A sleepy APH Spain because we all need a little more of that he’s probably getting rude wake up texts from Romano